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I'm curious to know what blogs and other online resources exist that might inform philosophical engagement with cities. Before I get to the shameless plug for my own (recently-inactive-but-soon-to-be-revived) blog, this one has been of interest to me:

This is how the "collective" describes itself: "Sustainable Cities Collective is an editorially independent, moderated community for leaders of major metropolitan areas, urban planning and sustainability professionals. We look to aggregate content and provide resources for all who work in or are interested in urban planning, sustainable development and urban economics."

My own blog is The Ethics of Metropolitan Growth: . I plan to start contributing to it again, soon, riding the wave of inspiration from the PPN conference.


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I think that this is a great space for us to collect those resources and we're working on building out our site's capacity to host multiple RSS feeds so that the blogs will feed live. We also ask you to go to home page of PPN site to cut and copy code so that you can include a widget that will feed to PPN site so that we communicate within, between, and across various blogs.

For those of you interested in the Occupy movement, there's a great blog where philosophers are invited to comment and discuss:



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