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Developing a collaborative guide on how to communicate beyond the academy

The Royal Geographical Society in Britain has published an on-line guide for geographers interested in communicating their research "beyond the academy."  It's outstanding, and many of the tips can be applied to philosophy as well.  But we might use this forum to develop our own guide for public philosophers.  Various PPN members might volunteer to write specific sections.  Any takers?

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I like the idea, and would be happy to contribute.


I guess we would first need to settle on a plan for the guide. It could be a series of short pieces on different types of audience, different projects and so on, a bit like the Royal Geographical Society guide. Or it could be a wiki with ideas, examples of projects, and so on, probably under the direction of an editor who would keep everything in good order and preserve a clear tree structure for the benefit of people who like to view collections of ideas and examples that way (with cross-links for people who do not like working up and down trees, or who want to browse serendipitously). Or there may be other possible structures.


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