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Encouraging and Supporting Publicly Engaged Philosophical Research and Practices

For starters, if you haven't already, we ask that you go back to your page and upload a profile picture. Seeing your actual faces is so much more exciting and inviting for networking than those blue silhouettes of anonymous heads.   Click on the "settings" link in the box under your name to upload a photo, change your profile, and change your privacy preferences.  We limit how much e-mail we send, but we are going to start sending group e-mails with tips and user profiles and news about once a month.

Second, remember that so much of the Network's success depends on the content that YOU generate. If you are interested in something in particular that isn't already represented by an existing affinity group, go ahead and start your own. There's a really great chance that others among the 750+ members share your interest and would love to exchange some comments and ideas. If you are worried that people won't join your group, remember that you can also invite others to be a part of your discussions. How will you know whom to invite? Well, look below. 

Third, find others on the network with similar interests:  when you click on the "Members" tab you'll be taken to a sea of blue (but hopefully soon to be smiling) heads. To help you find others who share your philosophical interests, you can use the search box to filter through members. For instance, if you type in "Ethics" then a much more manageable list of like-minded individuals will appear. 

In order for that search-and-collaborate method to work, though, it would be super helpful if members made sure that their personal page makes explicit and specific (read: KEYWORD) mention of numerous philosophical topics in the section titled, "Interest in Public Philosophy." While you personalize your page with your picture, then, be sure to adequately represent your philosophical self so that you don't miss the chance to connect with people who are, for instance, also interested in teaching philosophy in state prisons.

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