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I would like to know how I can link to my blog that is outside this network and have it show up as my blog here--I only update that blog and don't want to have to copy and paste those blog posts here. Is it possible to have my "blog" section here just link up to my outside blog?




Christina Hendricks

Dear Christina,


On the main PPN page, We have added a section beneath the section "Blog Posts" entitled "External Blog Posts." You should be able to click add RSS and link your blog URL to the main page. This is explained in an image at this link:

You can also add an RSS (which is what will post your external blog entries) to your profile page by clicking "My Apps," searching "RSS" and adding the app "My RSS" to your apps. Then you can click "add RSS" and it should propt you for a URL. 



What is going on with PPN and with this site? I had not visited this site for many months because it appeared to be inactive, but I recently received an email announcing the 2018 PPN conference.


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