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The Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy announces a new issue of the Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly.    You will find it at:  The issue can also be accessed at:

The current issue of PPPQ examines a broad range of issues, including the role and intentions of NGOs, the impact of moral recognition in poverty indicators, theories of well-being, and an emerging field of civic studies.  Articles include:

“The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Repatriation of Refugees,” by Molllie Gerver.  PDF       

“Proving Impoverishment: Child Mortality Rates and the Problem of Moral Recognition,” by Joy Gordon. PDF

“Objectivity and Subjectivity in Theories of Well-Being,” by Neera K. Badhwar.  PDF

“Civic Studies,” by Peter Levine.  PDF


Call for Papers

The Institute for Philosophy of Public Policy at George Mason University publishes the Philosophy & Public Policy Quarterly, which has been in print since 1981. The  Philosophy & Public Policy Quarterly seeks and reviews for publication essays that apply normative and conceptual analysis to important and timely issues in public policy and that are written in a style accessible to a broadly informed public.  For current and archived issues, please see the journal webpage,   

Essays typically are fewer than 5000 words. Please see back issues of the journal for examples. The Quarterly has a double-anonymous peer review process.  It is an open access journal; the author retains copyright.  The journal provides excellent editorial services.  There are no charges of any kind. 

Interested authors should submit their manuscripts through the journal’s website,, checking "author" in the profile section.  Inquiries may be sent to the editor, Mark Sagoff,




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