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Tenure and Promotion Issues: Getting "Credit" for Engaged Scholarship and Outreach

Philosophy is behind other disciplines in having serious discussions about how and under what conditions engaged scholarship and community-outreach work can "count" for purposes of hiring, tenure, and promotion. But there are some important general reports that can and do apply to philosophy.

For example, see Imagining America's Tenure report at: In that report, they argue that engagement isn't separate from scholarship, but rather requires a continuum of types of scholarship.

I also just read Gregory Jay's really excellent article, "The Engaged Humanities: Principles and Practics for Public Schoalrship and Teaching," Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 51
Jay raises many points of interest to philosophers, questions that also merit philosophical discussion, such as what counts as a "public"?

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