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Ethics, Policy & Environment

 Ethics, Policy & Environment offers scholarly articles, reviews, critical exchanges, and short reflections on all aspects of environmental ethics, environmental philosophy, and the normative dimensions of environmental policy.  While Ethics, Policy & Environment centers on environmental ethics and policy, its substantive coverage is wider. Authors have been concerned with a range of subjects, such as applied environmental ethics, animal welfare, environmental justice, development ethics, sustainability, and cultural values relevant to environmental concerns. The journal also welcomes analyses of practical applications of environmental, energy technology, regional, and urban policies, as well as theoretically robust discussions of common arguments that appear throughout debates on environment and energy policy, either in the scholarly literature or in the broader civic sphere.


Studies in Practical Philosophy
Studies in Practical Philosophy: A Journal of Ethical and Political Thought was edited by Jennifer Hansen and descried as “a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to opening up new spaces for political and social engagement. The journal was published twice yearly, in the Spring and Fall, from 1999 to 2005. Its goal was to make evident the ethical and political force of Continental thought as it bears on current social problems. Instead of seeing the realms of theory and practice as separate and distinct, this publication challenged the traditional theory/practice dichotomy, with a view to a more dynamic and interactive model. Contributors included Jacques Derrida, Guenther Figal, Julia Kristeva, Ernesto Laclau, Jean-Luc Nancy, Kelly Oliver, Senem Saner, and Charles Scott.”
The journal is no longer in print but can be found through the Philosophy Documentation Center in the list of journals at

Philosophy and Public Affairs
Published by Wiley-Blackwell, Philosophy and Public Affairs focuses on issues of public concern as “is published in the belief that a philosophical examination of these issues can contribute to their clarification and to their resolution. It welcomes philosophical discussion of substantive legal, social, and political problems, as well as discussions of the more abstract questions to which they give rise. In addition, it aims to publish studies of the moral and intellectual history of such problems. Philosophy and Public Affairs is designed to fill the need for a venue in which philosophers with different viewpoints and philosophically inclined writers from various disciplines-including law, political science, economics, and sociology-can bring their distinctive methods to bear on problems that concern everyone.”

Philosophy in the Contemporary World
Philosophy in the Contemporary World is a peer-reviewed journal committed to the application of philosophy in understanding and solving contemporary ethical and conceptual problems. It provides a unique venue for continuing dialogue in applied philosophy, contemporary ethical issues, philosophy and public policy, philosophy of the professions, race and gender studies, environmental philosophy, educational philosophy, and a range of multi-cultural issues.” This international journal is sponsored by the Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World.

Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly
The Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly contains information on the scholarship that is produced by the Institute of Philosophy and Public Policy, based out of the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy. “The Quarterly, which is available at no charge, supplements and summarizes Institute scholarship, and features other selected philosophical work on public policy questions.”

Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and Public Policy
Edited by Douglas MacLean, “the purpose of this series is to publish the most innovative and up-to-date research into the values and concepts that underlie major aspects of public policy. Hitherto most research in this field has been empirical. This series is primarily conceptual and normative: that is to say it investigates the structure of arguments, and the nature of values relevant to the formation, justification, and criticism of public policy. At the same time it is informed by empirical considerations, addressing specific issues, general policy concerns, and the methods of policy analysis and their applications. The books in this series are inherently interdisciplinary, and include anthologies as well as monographs. They will be of particular interest to philosophers, political and social scientists, economists, policy analysts, and those involved in public administration and environmental policy.”

Human Nature Review
“Our goal is to bring into communication the variety of approaches to understanding human nature which have a regrettable tendency to be less in touch with one another than they might. We aim to act as host to original work and to seek to create an enabling space, a forum for constructive (including constructively critical) discussion and critiques of the terms of reference and assumptions of various approaches to the understanding of people as individuals, in groups, in institutions, in societies and as political and ideological beings.” This site includes book reviews, individual articles, and a link to the Human Nature Review store, where one can buy copies of books related to the topic of human nature through


Publications, Accessible to Non-Academic Audiences


Philosophy Now Magazine

Philosophy Now: A Magazine of Ideasis an internationally focused magazine and is published about every two months on a philosophical theme. Each magazine contains featured articles on the theme, additional articles on other topics, columns, book reviews, and pieces of philosophical fiction. The pieces are written in language that appeals to a wider, non-academic audience, and while some features are available to subscribers onlyonline, most of the articles can be read for free in the magazine’s archives. In addition to providing access to the magazine, the website also includes links to other philosophical resources, such as publishers, societies, and departments. A list of philosophical events are also featured on the website (which are narrowed down by regions: US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland). Event organizers can post their own event on the website, and this aspect of the magazine draws attention to various ways in which people are making philosophy go public.

TPM: The Philosophers’ Magazine
 “Founded in 1997, TPM: The Philosophers’ Magazine is an independent quarterly, devoted to presenting top-class philosophy in an accessible and entertaining format. It regularly includes interviews with leading philosophers as diverse as Simon Blackburn, Daniel Dennett, Michael Dummett, Luce Irigaray, Hilary Putnam, T.M. Scanlon, John Searle, Peter Singer and SlavojŽižek. The magazine also includes news, essays, reviews, features and regular columnists. TPM is edited by the writer and journalist Julian Baggini, while its sister website, TPM Online, is edited by Jeremy Stangroom” and can be found here: 

“Updated every weekday, this website features selected articles from the magazine, past and present, as well as some web exclusives. To have the quarterly magazine delivered to your door, click here to subscribe.”

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