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Ask Philosophers

Ask Philosophers is a website that is designed to give individuals access to the insights of professional philosophers. Recognizing that everyone confronts philosophical issues in our everyday lives but that very few people get to learn about philosophy outside of a college classroom, Ask Philosophers allows individuals to send in their philosophical questions and have them answered by a team of philosophers in a few days. The questions fall under a range of topics that draw out ethical, metaphysical, epistemological, aesthetic, and political implications, and the answers are explained in ways that make thinking and speaking philosophically accessible to the public.


Engaged Philosophy

This web site, set up with the assistance of an APA grant, gives
faculty and students tools to implement civic engagement, activist or
service learning projects in philosophy classes. The site includes
assignment guidelines, sample projects, and testimonials and data
supporting civic engagement results.

Episteme Links

Episteme Links categorizes online resources for philosophers. Access is free to the more than 19,000 links that lead to journals, blogs, organizations, current job listings, and numerous other professional resources. For fun and humor, there are links to various philosophy comics and satirical websites. The site is supported by purchases of philosophy-related gifts, such as t-shirts and mugs.

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