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14th issue of Journal of Lectures:"The World Explored, the World Suffered"

Aesthetics, Politics, Philosophical Psychology

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Global Ethics Day 2018 – Call for papers “Ethics in political philosophy”

Authors: Olivera Z. Mijuskovic  &  Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

Special thanks to Mrs. Madeleine Lynn

Carnegie Council announces its 6th annual Global Ethics Day (#globalethicsday2018) on October 17, 2018.

Inspired by Earth Day, Global Ethics Day provides an…


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The Education of the Emotions

Physiological theories of emotion, according to R S Peters characterize emotion in terms of arousal of consciousness and therefore cannot conceivably be described as “educational” at least if we are going to define the latter in terms of ” a family of experiences through which knowledge and understanding develop”. Peters goes on to argue in an Aristotelian fashion that such theories can interestingly provide some of the conditions necessary to facilitate cognitive development. They…


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 Centrepiece lectures plus journals

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New book about Post-Truth

I'm hoping that folks might be interested in my new book POST-TRUTH (MIT Press, 2018), where I make a big nod in the direction of writing philosophy for a general audience. It's really troubled me that philosophers haven't taken a more active role these days in pushing back (and educating) the public about "truth" and "facts" now that these topics are in the news on a daily basis. Harry Frankfurt did us proud with ON BULLSHIT, but I feel that we may need a whole new category now with Trump.…


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Philosophical/Educational Journal issue number 4

https:/ site)

blog web site

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Call for Proposals for AAPT Conference

The American Association of Philosophy Teachers is pleased to announce the Call for Proposals for the 22nd AAPT Workshop-Conference on Teaching Philosophy, to be held July 25-29, 2018.

Because our primary theme will be Public Philosophy, we particularly welcome folks from PPN to submit proposals. 

The CFP can be found here:



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Call for papers on the Issue: "Ancient Greek Philosophy" - Journal Socrates


Journal "Socrates" is an international multi-lingual multi-disciplinary refereed and indexed scholarly journal produced as part of the Harvard Dataverse…


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29th International Conference of Philosophy Greek Moral and Political Philosophy – From Pre-Socratics to Neo-Platonism

Author: Olivera Z. Mijuskovicmember of the International Association of Greek Philosophy, University of Athens

Special thanks to Angeliki Vasilopouloumember of the International Association of…


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What's in Seneca's Portfolio?

If we can control our emotional responses to the way the markets move, we’ll be more likely to be able to make rational decisions about what to do and when. Stoicism can help.

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New Book - 'Uniting Mississippi: Democracy and Leadership in the South'

By Eric Thomas Weber, associate professor of Public Policy Leadership.

Available in paperback, ~$20 (Amazon USUK, …


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New philosophy website devoted to "making philosophy matter"

I'd like to let everyone know about a new philosophy website called THE CRITIQUE, run by an energetic graduate student out of British Columbia, which is devoted to featuring philosophical work that can make a difference in public affairs. He did an excellent issue a few months back on police shootings and now has a new one on the vaccine "controversy," featuring four papers by philosophers (including one by me) that are accessible to the general public. He is looking for more readers but…


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Association for Interdisciplinary Studies annual conference, Oct. 22-25, 2015, 'Impact for the Common Good?'; CfP

'Impact for the common good?' is the theme of the upcoming Association for Interdisciplinary Studies conference at Merrimack college (in the Boston area), October 22-25, 2015. How to define and then assess 'the common good'? Or, preliminary to those questions, who is to be involved in the processes of defining and assessing it? Are we as a society and as academia doing enough to involve marginalized groups in the dialogue and processes regarding the common good?

Join the lively and…


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Please join the Gotham Philosophical Society as we talk about


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SUBJECT LINE: IDEA 2014 Costa Rica Conference -- Deadline extended AND FOR THOSE WHO HAVE SUBMITTED ABSTRACTS please read   The deadline for submission of abstracts for IDEA 2015 has been extended to…

SUBJECT LINE: IDEA 2014 Costa Rica Conference -- Deadline extended AND FOR THOSE WHO HAVE SUBMITTED ABSTRACTS please read


The deadline for submission of abstracts for IDEA 2015 has been extended to April 15 -- see below for further details. Regrettably, some information on previous calls for papers that have been issued was erroneous, particularly, the email address for submissions. For all those who have submitted abstracts and have not yet received acknowledgement that the…


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