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January 2012 Blog Posts (5)

On Dwarkin's Justice for Hedgehogs

I just finished reading parts of  Dworkin's Justice for Hedgehogs. It claims to defend objectivism in ethics. Yet there is not a single mention of sentience, and of duties to non-human sentient beings.  (I may have missed a sentence).

That completely ignores the possibility that all moral value derives from the presence of consciousness and of feeling!

The entire Buddhist tradition -- perhaps as compassionate a tradition as we have had anywhere in human history -- must have been…


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[repost] Carpe Diem and the Longer Now

At Talking Philosophy, I argue that act-consequentialism can avoid the argument from integrity by biting the ultimate bullet: endorsing fatalism.

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Engaging Public Policy

Philosophers ought to be interested in the Research Works Act, a bill currently before Congress.

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Going public in newspapers

10-step advice.

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Public philosophy in Slate

Click here to find a new article in Slate Magazine that discusses ethical and policy concerns over new technologies, advertisements, and you.

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