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CFP "Geographies of Love"

Call for Papers: Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting 2012

New York, 24-28th February

Geographies of Love

Organizers: Dr Eleanor Wilkinson, University of Leeds,&  Associate Professor Lynda Johnston, University of Waikato

Despite the geographic turn to emotion and affect, geographers remain surprisingly quiet about love. Love still seems to be a strictly private affair, seemingly too personal, or too frivolous to become an object of ‘proper’…


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Are political philosophers experts?

I am a new comer to this so please forgive me if I do not follow the correct etiquette. First, thanks for having me; I hope to get a lot from the Public Philosophy Network. Second, the purpose of this comment is to explore my doubts about the purpose of political philosophy.


Recently, I attended a media training event – it was entitled 'How to get your research to a wider audience'. At one point the trainer said ‘remember to be confident: you’re the expert’. This got me…


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«РАСПАД города» (Бруно Таут)/“The DISINTEGRATION of the City”/Die Auflösung der Städte (Bruno Taut)

Bruno Taut’s article “RASPAD goroda” (“The DISINTEGRATION of the City”) was published by the Constructivist journal Modern Architecture in early 1930, just as the debate over the future of socialist resettlement of the USSR was getting underway.  In this article, he states his position vis-à-vis the major Soviet theorists of the city who had thus far thrown their hats into the ring: Leonid Sabsovich, Mikhail Okhitovich, Aleksandr Zelenko, and Aleksandr…


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Anti-Constructivism in the Soviet Avant-Garde: Nikolai Dokuchaev and ASNOVA


Not all of the early Soviet architectural avant-garde was “Constructivist,” strictly speaking.  Though this was the title often generically ascribed to all modernist architecture coming out of Russia, only those pieces produced by the architectural group OSA can be considered constructivist.  OSA’s self-proclaimed position was that of constructivism, which was founded on the principle of the “functional method”…


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The Transformation of Utopia under Capitalist Modernity

Utopianism has always involved the imagination of a better world, a perfected society set against the imperfect society of the present.  Whether as an object of speculative philosophical reflection, a practical program for social transformation, or an idle daydream, utopia has always evinced the hope that reality might be made ideal.

Underneath this general rubric, however, “utopia” can be seen to signify several related but distinct things.  The term is…


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Notes for "Man and Nature"


[1] Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von.  “To Nature.”  From The Metamorphosis of Plants and Tobler’s Ode to Nature.  Translated by Agnes Arber.  (Chronica Botanica: 1946).  Pg. 123.…


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Man and Nature

Nature! We are encircled and enclasped by her — powerless to depart from her, and powerless to find our way more deeply into her being.  Without invitation and without warning she involves us in the orbit of her dance, and drives us onward until we are exhausted and fall from her arm.


We live in the midst of her, and yet to her we are alien.  She parleys incessantly with us,…


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The Stalinization of Post-Revolutionary Art and Architecture

Panteleimon (brother of Il'ia) Golosov's Submission for the Narkomtiazhprom Competition

The vibrant artistic culture that existed in post-revolutionary Russia thrived up until the early 1930s.…


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Man as an Irony Within Nature: Schelling and the Presence of Evil

F.W.J. Schelling



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Help Promote the Public Philosophy Network and We Will Help Promote Your Work

You can help us promote the Public Philosophy Network (PPN) by: 1) sending invitations to colleagues who you know would be interested in participating in the project; 2) encouraging any groups to which you belong that do engage in any aspect of public philosophy to form an affinity group on the network (you can restrict the membership if you wish); 3) adding a badge on your facebook or my space page (click on the badge on right box on home page and follow directions--it's simple!; 4) adding…


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Call for Papers: A New Practice of Philosophy conference

A New Practice of Philosophy:

Taking Philosophy beyond Disciplinary Bounds

March 7-9, 2011, University of North Texas[1][1]

With travel grants available for graduate students/postdocs/assistant professors

In the 20th century philosophy took up the mantle of a discipline, embracing academic specialization; philosophy was written-by-and-for-professional philosophers. In the current age of accountability this disciplinary approach to philosophy faces a…


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