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Workshop on Sagacity and Commerce at March 2013 PPN Conference


I will be leading a workshop on Sagacity and Commerce at the March PPN conference. If anyone is interested in finding our more about it, please contact me at .  Here is the workshop description:


Workshop: Sagacity and Commerce

David E. McClean, PhD
Rutgers University (Newark) and
Molloy College


Should academic philosophers increasingly turn their attention to commerce in ways that are not limited to proffers of high theory and paradigm changes which tend to delimit the policy relevance of their contributions? This workshop will explore the ways in which the voices of philosophers and other serious thinkers can enter (or more effectively enter) the fray of current discussions about the benefits and harms of markets, commercial institutions, regulatory initiatives of various types (impacting high finance, utility companies, and other commercial sectors), and strategies for participation that will explore the possibility of such vehicles as bulletin boards for the exchange of ideas and comments about new or pending legislation, think tanks, exchanges of ideas for pedagogy that ventures into the intersection of philosophy and policy, e-publication of white papers on philosophy and policy web sites, and repositioning philosophy as an avenue of inquiry that is relevant to exploration and praxis concerning the issues of the day with a view toward change and reform, rather than mere culture critique.   


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