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 I want to share with the Public Philosophy Network a draft statement that I wrote for the Long Island Progressive Coalition. It is drawn from my effort to apply my understanding of American Pragmatism and the thought of Albert Camus to the practical task of guiding concrete political objectives, strategies and tactics of a grassroots political organization. I welcome discussion of this "world view statement.

Progressive World View of the Long Island Progressive Coalition

We are committed to promoting the freedom, dignity, and well-being of all Americans, and doing it in a way that contributes to world-wide peace, prosperity, and ecological sustainability. Freedom and dignity demand that people be active participants in the decisions that affect their lives, and that all institutions -- political, economic, and social -- be organized in accord with the principles of democratic self-governance. We believe that governmental institutions must seek to provide, to the best of their ability, a level playing field for everyone, and further insure that all people have at least a basic minimum of social services and a standard of living that allows them to live with dignity. This must include the right to basic affordable health care, equitable participation on the electoral process, quality education, liberty of thought and expression and respectful treatment. Since vast disparities of income and wealth are not compatible with democratic self-government, we believe that progressive income taxes should be used to limit income differentials to no more than 20-1, and that revenue so generated should be used to provide for basic infrastructure, social, educational, cultural, and human services, and sustained scientific research and development. 

Let me add, for clarification, that the LIPC was created in 1979, is the local affiliate of Citizen Action of New York, and of US Action. Info on LIPC can be found at; on CANY can be found at; and on me at

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