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Dear all,


I have just joined the network and I would like to ask you all something about public philosophy and academic philosophy in your respective institutes & countries.


I sent emails to the top departments & faculties of QS and Gourmet –reports too and I am impatiently waiting for answers. Meanwhile I would ask you the following questions and I would really appreciate if you would find time to answer (please let me know if you are working in a university and  tell also at which uni you are working).


I am conducting a pre-research for a project which will discuss philosophy and so societal engagement (so called third mission of the university in its wide sense) and your answers would provide important background information. I will also write an article on the matter to a Finnish philosophical journal niin & näin ( .


My questions for you are: Does your faculty pay attention to social engagement? If it does, in what way? Have you find some practises better than others? How does the academic world in general respect public philosophy? Is there a quarrel between basic research and public philosophy?


Best Regards,


Sami Syrjämäki

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Ok. This seems not to be a very public philosophy site. I would still appreciate very much if anyone would spend just a little time and share thoughts on this common cause.

It would be very helpful.

Sami, I think that professional philosophers generally don't engage those who are not professional philosophers. I don't think that public philosophy is generally respected as a legitimate form of scholarship. I do believe that this is changing, but we shall see.

Greg Littmann


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