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PhD in Philosophy: After the Academy


PhD in Philosophy: After the Academy

This group offers a space for members to gather, share, and find resources about what other people have done outside of academia with their advanced degrees in philosophy. We are not trying to advocate that graduates in philosophy should not go on the job market, but given the difficulty that many face in attaining secure academic positions, we do hope to offer insight regarding what other options are available. Graduate students are encouraged to join, as are those who have personal experience in moving their philosophical training in other professional directions.


Ideally, this group will also be useful for professors who are advising graduate students and junior faculty members. By staying attuned to the motivations and desires that initiated one's study of philosophy, perhaps tenured-professors will be better able to support their advisee's pursuit of continued philosophical endeavors-within or outside of the academy.


Please take the initiative to start more discussion threads if you have other specific concerns, questions, or helpful insights that you would like to address with other members.

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