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PPN Governance

The Public Philosophy Network is a membership organization;  individual memberships are currently free, although we gladly accept donations.  Institutional Memberships, conference and other service fees, individual donations, and grants provide our funding.


The PPN is governed by an Advisory Board and an Executive Committee and is led by two co-directors.  The co-directors are jointly responsible for the administration of the organization; additionally, each is primarily responsible for one of the two major functions of the PPN--PPN conferences and the PPN website.  For a full description of the PPN's Organizational Structure, please click here.


The PPN Advisory Board consists of representatives selected by each institutional members in addition to some individuals who are appointed by the Executive Committee in consultation with the Advisory Board.  Members serve three year terms; the Board elects co-chairs who then also serve on the Executive Committee.


The PPN Executive Committee consists of the co-chairs of the Advisory Board, the two elected co-directors, and three elected at-large members (although one of the at-large members must be an independent scholar or community-based practitioner).

The PPN held its first general membership business meeting on Friday, March 15th, 5-6:30 pm. in the Emory Conference Center.  All PPN members attending the conference were invited and encouraged to attend.

CLICK HERE FOR THE BUSINESS MEETING AGENDA  PPN members who cannot attend the conference may post comments on the agenda page link above but will not be eligible to vote on nominees or motions.


The Advisory Board recommended the following nominees for election to the PPN Executive Committee.  Those nominees were affirmed by a vote of the membership at the PPN business meeting held on March 15, 2013 in Atlanta.

PPN Co-Directors: Noelle McAfee and Sharon Meagher (see bios).

The Elected At-Large Members of the Executive Committee: Adam Briggle; Frank McMillan, and Kyle Whyte (see bios).


 To see the full meeting minutes, please click here.





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