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Kettering Report

Below is a link to a report that Sharon Meagher drafted for the Kettering Foundation.  They have contracted with Sharon Meagher and Noelle McAfee to research and report on how The Public Philosophy Network is developing ways to encourage the profession to become more publicly engaged. 


The report as a whole can be found HERE (download pdf file):  


The document is intended to provoke thought and discussion; it is not an "official" statement of the Public Philosophy Network.  It does, however, aim to distill certain positions that have emerged in prior discussion forums held on-line and at conferences. 

We will be holding both on-line and in-person discussions of the various theses. 


AND we want to hear your reports of individuals, research projects, social action programs, and/or curricular projects that exemplify the practice of public philosophy.  

Please complete the brief report form by CLICKING HERE.  If you have already posted information about your project on your profile, on an affinity group, or in another PPN forum, you simply need to include your name, project description and a link to the ppn page.

If you have documented your work on-line or in a published or unpublished paper, you may simply send that report to Sharon Meagher rather than completing the form.

If you would prefer to do a short phone or video skype interview, please contact Sharon Meagher.

Please feel free to send comments or nominations for others' projects to Sharon Meagher via the PPN message system or using the PPN gmail address:  publicpn AT  You may also post comments below.


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