Public Philosophy Network

Encouraging and Supporting Publicly Engaged Philosophical Research and Practices

Organize a PPN event

The Public Philosophy Network is a network and encourages its members to organize events on their home campuses, in their communities, or as satellite sessions at conferences.

To organize an event and gain official PPN status (including use of the PPN logo and the ability to publicize the event through the PPN website as an associate event):  please click on this link to complete the brief proposal application, which will be reviewed in a month or less by the PPN Executive Committee.  

All PPN events must specify their relevance to the mission of the Public Philosophy Network (to encourage and support publicly engaged philosophy) and should be participatory and interactive in its format.  

Example of PPN co-sponsored or endorsed events might include:

  • satellite conference sessions (e.g., PPN facilitated a fish bowl discussion at the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy (SAAP) entitled "American Philosophy as Public Philosophy")
  • stand-alone conferences that on specific issues or problems that would benefit from the public engagement of philosophers (e.g., the conference on Philosophy of the City to be held at Brooklyn College, December 5-7, 2013).
  • a workshop held in the community or on a local campus, something akin to those we hold at the PPN conferences

Events may be in-person or virtual events (e.g., a webcast).  

At this point, the PPN cannot provide financial assistance for its members hosting events, but we can provide a letter of support for approved events that might aid organizers in gaining institutional or organizational approval as well as in fundraising.

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