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Encouraging and Supporting Publicly Engaged Philosophical Research and Practices


The Public Philosophy Network raised funds from the American Philosophical Association, Rock Ethics Institute, George Mason University, Michigan State University, and the University of North Texas to help subsidize the costs of our recent conference to make it affordable to as many people as possible. 


Additionally, this website is supported by one-time grants from the American Philosophical Association and the University of Scranton as well as donations from private individuals.


While we are in the process of applying for grants to secure the long-term stabilty of the PPN, we also need your support to maintain this growing and complex organization and site.


If you run an organization or journal or social action project that is connected to public philosophy, we are happy to host your collaborative on-line activities here for a charge much less than what you would expect to pay if you pursue options independently.  Please contact us at publicpn AT for more information.


And we also happily accept private contributions.  While we are not yet a non-profit and your deduction is not deductable as a donation, you may be able to deduct your donation for research expenses, since the site is a research tool (please consult your tax advisor).


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