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Web Assistance Needed

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Web Committee members: 

The Public Philosophy Network seeks volunteers with experience in web-based communications, social media, and social networking to serve on its web committee.  The web-committee will convene approximately every 2 months on-line or via conference call to discuss, plan, and assess PPN’s web-based presence and strategies.  Members may also be asked to work with one or more affinity groups or discussion forums to help manage the social network.



Senior level paid or volunteer positions:

The Public Philosophy Network seeks two volunteers or persons who can be compensated by their home institutions (such payment would qualify that institution for institutional membership at no additional cost).  Alternatively, these two positions could be combined into one half-time position if we raise sufficient funds.  These positions will report to the Chair of the Web committee and make regular reports to the committee as a whole:


Position 1:  PPN Web manager


Regular weekly duties include:

  • general web page management on the PPN site, including correcting errors, updating pages, etc.
  • the review, acceptance, and welcoming of new members


Regular duties, as time permits:

  • Keeping abreast of changes made by web host NING and in best practices in social networking and webhosting, making recommendations to the web committee, and then implementing approved changes.   
  • Fine tuning and improving website integration with Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.



  • serve as a technical resource for members who request on-line assistance


Work requires approximately 8-10 hours per week. 


Position 2:  PPN Virtual Community Manager


Regular weekly duties include:

  • the review, acceptance, and welcoming of new members
  • working with new members to help them become active on the site the review, acceptance, and welcoming of new members
  • Mentoring Affinity Group leaders and providing virtual community management assistance to active groups
  • Monitoring and facilitating discussion forums on the PPN site


Regular duties, as time permits:

  • Keeping current on best practices in virtual community management, making recommendations on changes to the web committee and implementing those changes that are approved.
  • Coordinating with webmaster on improving website integration with Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube


Work requires approximately 8-10 hours/week.

We also could use a third position (although this position might be shared by several members of the web committee):  e-newsletter editor(s) who would cull best content from the site monthly and produce an electronic newsletter to be sent to all PPN members.  We already have the software necessary for newsletter production.  Amount of work depends on whether there are co-editors or not; it takes about 4 hours/month to do one good newsletter.


For additional information or to apply, please contact Sharon Meagher at publicpn AT

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